Perifit is far more than your conventional female-centric brand.

We sit at the crossroads of creativity and technological mastery to bring bullshit-free products to an industry that has long underserved women. Through this, we aim to educate and empower women by having once-taboo conversations and finding solutions to some pretty painful and uncomfortable problems.  

To do all of this, we rely on 3 fundamental pillars which drive our mission on a daily basis:

We solve problems.

More specifically painful and overlooked problems that many people have had to suffer with for so long, either unaware that solutions existed or having tried everything without success. We believe in not only providing kick-ass products that solve these problems but also in educating the world on issues surrounding female health and wellness.

We never compromise. 

Compromise? Never met her. Our community expects a lot from us and we aim to exceed their expectations. From conception to sourcing the best materials, choosing the most optimal designs, making weekly improvements in the app, and our spot-on international customer service, we work tirelessly to ensure our products remain the most effective, user-friendly, and affordable on the market. We don't stop until we've reached perfection, always with one goal in mind: to create the best possible product for you.

We work with love, passion, and care.

Not for ourselves but for our incredible Perifit community. From our inspiring customers and partners to our marvelous colleagues, everything we do is done with the utmost attention and love. The care we have for our customers stems from our commitment to innovation and progress in all that we do. We welcome feedback with open arms and we’re constantly revisiting our designs to make improvements because innovation never sleeps.

A closer look into what we've already achieved

  1. Our first game-changing (literally) product, the Perifit Kegel exerciser. This device helps train the pelvic floor by teaching correct Kegel technique through motivating and exciting games. A strong and healthy pelvic floor is recommended for bladder control, improved sexual wellbeing, a faster postpartum recovery, and overall prevention of any future disorders.
  2. Perifit is now considered to be the most effective, highest rated, and #1 sold Kegel trainer on the market 🎉
  3. In 2023 we extended our product line to create products that help solve other difficulties that women face. The Perifit Pump relieves mothers from being tethered to the wall or confined to the couch while pumping their milk, allowing them to do as they wish in full liberty. 
  4. Over 90% of our customers and colleagues recommend Perifit as a product and/or place to work. 


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