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Perifit | Original Kegel Exerciser
Rosario Castillo Valderas

Perifit | Original Kegel Exerciser

Perifit+ | Dynamic Kegel Exerciser
Maria Palanca Cámara
Good exercise but…

It is really a good exercise, but it should have the possibility of charge it.
Sometimes it doesn’t represent the exercise and I have to put it again

Instant results!!!! Perifit+

I simply cannot believe how well this is working, I was unsure when I purchased it and it was an investment at that price but its worth every penny! I am 50 and have taken up running in the last few months. I have spent runs absolutely soaked even when using pads, nothing worked, I tried exercising but always forgot to do them regularly. Perifit reminds you when its time to train and I do it in the evening when everything else is done. I never thought I would feel confident to run or exercise in the gym without pads and baggy tops to hide the pad and always in black so the leaks dont notice! well all that is over! only after 2 weeks I can see a massive improvement no leaks already and lasting longer and longer on runs before any issues. I feel so much better and I can really feel its working. Thank you Perifit! simply life changing! xx

Perifit | Original Kegel Exerciser


I absolutely LOVE my Perifit! I could never stick to doing Kegel exercises before, but this makes it fun. Have recommended to friends and family!

Perifit+ | Dynamic Kegel Exerciser


I have seen really good progress in such a short time so easy to use. More fun then hard work I highly recommend perifit care plus.

No regrets

Ladies, you deserve a strong pelvic floor. It really works and a small investment for big results. You need to be consistent and do what they tell you to do- winning!

Divertirsi con consapevolezza

Molto intuitivo, me l'ha consigliato la mia fisioterapista del pavimento pelvico! Con lei ho imparato la respirazione poi ho applicato agli esercizi su Perifit, le mie conoscenze.

Great idea

I never did pelvic floor exercises. I now do, love playing the games on my phone, very clever way to get me to do them

Perifit | Original Kegel Exerciser
Carmen Marcos Salazar
Huge improvement in three weeks.

I love perifit. It's fun and very easy to do, I recomend it if you like playing video games, I have improved very quickly.

Wat een leuke manier om m'n bekkenbodemspieren te trainen, na 3 weken begin ik de indruk te krijgen dat het zou kunnen helpen tegen de verzakking. Wel vind ik het lastig de Perifit+ op de juiste plek te krijgen zodat de contracties effectief zijn. Zit het goed dan gaat het oefenen prettig, maar zodra het verschuift gaat het oefenen moeizaam. Frustrerend :-( Ik hoop dat u mij advies kunt geven. Ik las in reviews dat ik niet de enige ben die daar moeite mee heeft.

Perifit | Original Kegel Exerciser

Perifit Original Kegel Exerciser

I didn’t notice that the Perifit exerciser isn’t chargeable. I realized it only when I received the item. So I am a little bit concerned how long it lasts. Overall I’m happy with the product. Thank you!

Není to vůbec jednoduché, ale stojí to za to

Pravidelně pilně trénuji, až mi z toho lezou oči z důlků ...

Perifit+ | Dynamic Kegel Exerciser

Perifit | Original Kegel Exerciser

Never received it

I bought this a few weeks ago and never received it. I’ve been pestered for reviews and feedback so here it is: Get tracking on your mail.

Improvement Through Fun!

I’ve found the Perifit easy to use and the games amusing and challenging. A quality product and I feel I’m already benefiting from its regular use.

very! bad bluetooth connection

Besides that, very good!

Tellement pratique !!!!

Merci Perifit ! Grâce à ce tire-lait je peux m’occuper de mes trois enfants ! C’est formidable et très efficace !

Perifit | Original Kegel Exerciser

A must for women

This is an engaging way of re training your brain to work your pelvic floor correctly


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Stays put

I had the original one and had to hold it in due to very weak muscles, I decided to try the newer model and it stays in much better!!