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Perifit | Original Kegel Exerciser

Perifit+ | Dynamic Kegel Exerciser


It's fun to use and I already have the feeling that it helps me. I will definitely continue to use it. Thank you 😘

Perifit Care+ | Advanced Kegel Exerciser

It's so much fun

The app is so fun i don't wanna stop playing. I love that I get to challenge other people and unlock prizes and games interface is really nice and I love seeing my scores get better

Perifit | Original Kegel Exerciser


Llevo 3 semanas usándolo, y noto mucho la diferencia. Di a luz hace un año y dos meses, y notaba, como es lógico, que no estaba todo como siempre, y que incluso a la hora de usar copa menstrual ni podía retenerla. Tres semanas después de empezar a usarlo 5 días a la semana, puedo decir que funciona. La copa la retengo, y aunque esto solo acaba de empezar, pienso seguir usándolo como hasta ahora.

Buen producto

El producto me ha gustado, pero tengo que utilizar utilizar t

Perifit Pump | In-bra, hands-free breast pump

Pelvic floor strengthener

This great device and app, enables you to calibrate to your pelvic floor and see the information as it gets stronger. I was shocked to see how weak mine was but am gradually building it up, and enjoying playing the games, fingers crossed they keep adding new ones

Perifit+ | Dynamic Kegel Exerciser
Silvia E. Tejera Correa
Noha llegado

Hace más de un mes que se hizo el pedido y aún no ha llegado, así que no lo puedo valorar de otra forma.

Perifit | Original Kegel Exerciser

La metodologia i els exercicis estan molt bé.

Perifit | Original Kegel Exerciser


Really enjoying it so far, thank you!

Perifit Care+ | Advanced Kegel Exerciser

Perifit Pump Flange
Kalliopi Chazapi

They feel very soft and they don't hurt me as much as plastic or other hard silicone flanges (for example the Zomee cups). Of course I have more milk output when I use my traditional flanges with my primary pump, sitting on the couch, and massaging my breast, but I expected this, wearables don't have the same efficiency. To conclude, I love them, they get the job done without injuring me.

Perifit Pump Bottle
Danielle Bedo

Perifit Pump Bottle

Fantastic item!

Worth every penny. Has been a game changer

divetente ed efficace

un modo piacevole per ottenere risultati evidenti già dopo poche settimane

It does not respond anymore

At first it seemed to be working well but it stopped responding to squeezing or relaxing. I received a replacement but I have the same issue

Perifit | Original Kegel Exerciser

Early days but I am becoming stronger

I’ll let you know in a few months. Glad I’ve got this to help me. It’s ingenious.

Perifit Care+ | Advanced Kegel Exerciser
Liz Gay
Good results

So far so good. I have noticed a marked improvement.

Perifit | Original Kegel Exerciser
Carlos Cuellar Arranz

Perifit | Original Kegel Exerciser

Just getting started

Well I thought I had good pelvic floor control but having this device has showed me quite differently. The exercises are challenging but I know that in time I will become better at them. Thank You Perifit for making your products available and thus saving me many embarrassing moments.