Health Benefits of Orgasms

The health benefits of orgasms are crazy! Not only do they feel ~oh so good~ but they can help you sleep better, improve your immunity, relieve pain, and even make you look younger (ooh la la!). 

Whether going solo or with a partner, check out our top 6 reasons why orgasms are essential for a healthy you.

Improves circulation

Whether it’s sitting at your desk or driving to work, you probably sit. A lot. Constantly sitting and not moving around can cause muscle imbalances and decreased pelvic circulation. 

Here’s how orgasms can help! When your body orgasms, it improves the circulation to the organs in the pelvic floor which delivers nutrients, helps grow healthy tissue, and even aides in regulating your menstrual cycle

Induces sleep relaxation

Nowadays it seems that we have so much on our minds that it’s nearly impossible to close our eyes and drift off into a pleasant slumber. But studies show that the post-orgasm rush of the hormone prolactin helps you relax quicker, calming your mind so that you sleep more soundly. 

Helps you look younger

Orgasms: The beauty industry’s best kept secret. But in all seriousness, since orgasms keep your blood pressure low, in turn they slow down the ageing process. As well, they help boost your estrogen levels which increases collagen (the magic ingredient that keeps your skin looking youthful and plump). 

Reduces migraine pain

In some cases, orgasms have the ability to relieve a headache. In a 2013 study, 60% of participants with a migraine reported that sexual activity actually improved how they felt after a migraine (however, it’s important to note that 33% said that further sexual activity actually worsened their migraine…). 

Orgasms keep breakouts at bay

No, it’s not just your imagination! That glowy skin look you get after sex is thanks to, you guessed it, orgasms!  

Orgasming releases a chemical called Oxytocin which reduces cortisol levels in your body. In excess, cortisol can increase sebum production which is known to clog pores, leading to breakouts and inflammation. 

Relieves pain (including cramps!)

We already explained how orgasms can reduce migraine induced pain, but that’s not all orgasms can help with. 

Your body can release its own natural painkillers through sexual stimulation and orgasms. Who knew?! In addition to reducing cortisol levels, oxytocin can help to relieve everything from headaches to menstrual cramps.

Lesson learned: stay healthy and orgasm often! 

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