Perifit Pump Bottle

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Wireless and completely hands-free, the Perifit Pump liberates you from the conventional pumping nightmare so you can pump when you want, where you want. No wardrobe change is needed, you can keep your shirt on and go about your day!

This box contains: 1 bottle

160mL / 5.4oz
Durable, crystal-clear plastic
Food grade and BPA free
Dishwasher and fridge safe
90-day warranty

Stock up on Perifit Pump spare parts to leave at work, home, or in your bag so that you can pump when you want, where you want.

Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Great pump

I’m very happy with this hands free pump. Works better than expected. Don’t use my other pump anymore.

Very good but...

Very good suction, easy to use. But:
I think they're a bit too pricey. Current market offers a plethora of wearable pumps, often with lower prices.
The battery leaves a lot to be desired, the way I use it I need to recharge every other use.
The collection cup is very difficult to wash and dry. Scraped some of my skin off.
There's quite noisy ~60dB
The app is just terrible - you can't use other apps while this one is running. Otherwise it disconnects your session. Also half is in french for some reason.

Nadia L.
Still working on it

So far, I have not been able to pump as much milk as my other pump (Medela). Despite following the size guide, I think the flange I received (18mm) was not the correct size for me. I only received one flange. So I then ordered the 21mm, which should arrive soon, and hopefully I will be able to pump properly! Other than that, I love the practicality of the hands-free pump.

Game changing

I dreaded pumping as I got ready for the birth of my second kid. I have vivid memories of spending hours chained to the sink and scrubbing pump components. My second child would be breastfed, and I would never pump. That would entail switching to formula when it was time to return to work. My first business travel was planned for just one month after giving birth. Breastfeeding was going well as the date drew near, which made me sad but also resolute that I would never again be a pump slave. the Simone, please. I looked into a product after seeing a few clever advertisements that sounded too wonderful to be true. A pump that met MY requirements I placed the pump's order and stopped there.

Life changing!

Finding the right time and location to pump was a big struggle for me. Being a working mother who is constantly on the move, I discovered that I wasn't pumping as regularly or as long as I should have been in order to supply my baby with enough milk. Due to the cost and my slight skepticism about how well it would operate, I hesitated to buy, but it has exceeded my expectations. Now I can pump wherever and continue to work. My Simone pump allows me to wear it for up to 30 minutes instead of the 10-15 minutes I could with my Spectra. With your hands free, you can move around, work, dine, wash dishes, or do anything else. It really is liberating. Additionally, I can now pump longer and anyplace.

Jennifer M.

It is well worth the money spent on this pump to be able to pump while doing tasks like the endless loads of laundry a newborn generates or even just when doing errands during the limited amount of time you get to spend outside the house and away from the baby.


I've had a good experience with this product.


The convenience of tubeless and cordless pumping is great!!

Portability is key

I spent ages researching different pumps. I was worried nothing would match up to the suction of the hospital grade (but heavy and clunky) pumps. I’m so glad I went for the Simone. Suction is just right, portability is key!

I am Loving this

I bought this mainly to use at home cause I was tired of being attached to the wall to pump while trying to get things done around the house with a newborn. I am now also using it while at work because of how much freedom it gives me. With it being quiet and hands free I am able to pump more often while completing tasks at work, which also helps me relax more since I don't stress as much about having to go to another room and pump which has helped me collect more breastmilk then I was. I will definitely be recommending this to all my pregnant friends and coworkers.


Our innovative flexible silicone flange moves with your breast while you pump to increase pumping efficiency and output. This makes it not only the most efficient pump on the market, but also the most comfortable and gentle for you.

Discreet yet powerful

No compromises: our pump is small, quiet, and super powerful! Perifit Pump is a hospital strength pump with a suction strength of up to 300mmHg. Yes, this means that you can now pump anywhere, without anyone noticing.


We went back to the basics:
efficiency, comfort, and convenience. This ‘no fuss’ approach offers you the best in-bra pump, at the right price.

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Perifit Pump | In-bra, hands-free breast pump

Perifit Pump | In-bra, hands-free breast pump

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