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Wireless and completely hands-free, the Perifit Pump liberates you from the conventional pumping nightmare so you can pump when you want, where you want. No wardrobe change is needed, you can keep your shirt on and go about your day!

Flexible Flange technology for better output: Our innovative flexible silicone flange produces a gentle compression on the nipple to increase pumping and milk production without pain. Available in 5 sizes, you’re sure to experience unrivalled comfort and efficiency during your Perifit pumping sessions.

Comfortable fit: The flange is made of soft and non-abrasive silicone and not the hard plastic that you're used to, making it more comfortable for you and your nipples.

Safe for you and your baby: The Perifit Pump works as a closed pumping system which means that your milk travels a hygienic route from the breast to the bottle. Not to mention all materials are food-grade and BPA-free!

Warranty: 2-year warranty on the pump and 90 day warranty on washable components.

This box contains: 1 flange Stock up on Perifit Pump spare parts to leave at work, home, or in your bag so that you can pump when you want, where you want.

You're not sure what flange size fits you?
Our flange size guide may help! Download it right here.

Stimulate your nipple until it perks up and measure the diameter of your nipple in mm from base to base. You can measure with any usual ruler, or with our printable nipple ruler. Then check our sizing chart below and choose the corresponding flange size.

Please note that since our flange is made of soft silicone and adapts to the shape of your nipple, a slight misfit is less inconvenient than with a hard plastic flange.

If you think you are a smaller size than the ones currently available, please contact our team at, we can recommend inserts to reduce the size of your flange.

Customer Reviews

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Sandra Bevitori
Could be better

The app doesn’t work well.

Marisol Filgueiras López

Compré el sacaleches doble porque creo que así ahorraré tiempo y tengo entendido que con el estimulo simultáneo mejora la producción. Llevo un mes de uso y estoy satisfecha, aunque no es todo lo discreto que esperaba ( es voluminoso y cualquiera que se encuentre en la misma sala que tú lo va a escuchar) la app me parece muy cómoda. Si que lo recomiendo volvería a comprarlo.

Thayalini Rajkumar
Excellent product

Reaaly loved it. Excellent customer care. Nevila u did amazing and thank u for your help.

Ana Flores

Perifit Pump | In-bra, hands-free breast pump

Ceyssens Elke
Pump is very sensitive

The pump makes a clicking noise when not dry. Leaks when thé little ring is not secured properly (happends sometime with washing) then the pump leaks. Also the sucking strengt is diffrent for the 2 pumps


Our innovative flexible silicone flange moves with your breast while you pump to increase pumping efficiency and output. This makes it not only the most efficient pump on the market, but also the most comfortable and gentle for you.

Discreet yet powerful

No compromises: our pump is small, quiet, and super powerful! Perifit Pump is a hospital strength pump with a suction strength of up to 300mmHg. Yes, this means that you can now pump anywhere, without anyone noticing.


We went back to the basics:
efficiency, comfort, and convenience. This ‘no fuss’ approach offers you the best in-bra pump, at the right price.

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Perifit Pump | In-bra, hands-free breast pump

Perifit Pump | In-bra, hands-free breast pump

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